June 17th 2004 - June 17th 2004 – Greetings everyone, yes it is me, the lazy good for nothing web-comic artist. I guess I really am not much of one since I haven’t been drawing comics lately, but I have been drawing artwork for myself and school. *cheesy grins* Anyways, I know I said I was going to show off the pictures of me from the convention and a few others so here they are. You get a new picture each day. I may even post what artwork I have done as of late, which really isn’t much, but…still…

May 3rd 2004 – Hey guys sorry I haven’t updated, yes you can beat my head in with your 8-bit theatre mallets. I had to crunch for time when the convention drew near and had to finish my costume as soon as possible. The convention was great, I got to hug Richter Belmont, Anji Mito from GG, Johnny from GG, Testament, Kenshin, made cracks with Buggy, hugged Sephiroth, got to pose with Axel, Testament, Faust and almost all those other guys. But yes, I got to hug many of my favorite characters and such and even got to dance with a beautiful accented Squall, his voice was accented O^^; this of course was during the masquerade ball in which I kind of looked like a vampire, a beautiful one if I do say so myself. *bops herself* NO bad Gwen…. Must… not…. Complement... self!I even got to meet Duo Maxwell’s voice actor and got to show him my artwork, he liked it. O.O; Anyways, I will try and get off my lazy good for nothing butt and post pictures from the con and such for you guys. Please don’t hate me for not updating!

March 29th 2004 - Now I will not lie to you guys, I am a most horrible procrastinator. That is why there is no comic BUT, instead I have a piece of my artwork for you. Hopefully I will get the next strip down this week, but I don't know with weight lifting after school and all. Anyways, hope you all like the picture, count it as your first little something special for missing most of my updates for the past month.

March 21st 2004 - JOY AND RAPTURE! 'Kai' was taken into the shop and fixed. Turns out 'Kai' had a bug that our virus scanner did not pick up. In addition, turns out the printer was just the problem and the scanner was getting mixed signals. So now my scanner works again and I am happy cause I get to update the comic for you guys. Sorry it was such a long wait, I will try and get something special up soon. Peace out to you all! Hope all you you are ready for Sakura Con 2004, I know I have to tie up a few loose ends with my costume.

February 19th 2004 - Due to my scanner and printer failing to cooperate, I have not been able to update the comic yet, as I would much like too. Keenspace, also, was acting funny here and there. So there would have been no way for me to update then either. Kaiser believed he had figured out the problem and we have been trying to get it fixed. Even the friend I had help design the main page of the comic tried but only created a temporary fix. Please bare with us and don't bite my head off anymore O.o;

January 13th 2004 - As you can see, I found what I called the perfect filler. This is my archer from Priston Tale. I recently gained lvl 24 with her but it was lvl 23 where I was able to equip the new SHINY armor you now see on the right picture. I was trying to think of something to make the pictures funny and then I remember my boyfriend, KaiserTBD, telling me that I need to loot more peoples stuff because most of them don't want what is on the ground. I think now I should have gone with Larame instead of "Larry" but, oh well. Hope you enjoyed this filler.

January 6th 2004 - ALRIGHT, I got it this time! I am so sorry about the hold up, turns out I accidently named it the wrong way and one key part was missing to the name. I will try and get it up this afternoon and not at midnight like always. I will try and make it up to you guys some how O^_^;

January 5th 2004 - Sorry about the comic guys, it should have been up Saturday night at midnight or at least one in the morning. For some unknown reason, the comic did not update at all and the news just updated and "Yes" I did put it into the comic folder; that is the most critical part about the web-comic, duh! Anyways, I hope it shows up this time and I appologize that is wasn't up when it was suppose to be.

January 3, 2004 - I hope you all had a Happy New Year! The Big guy above has been very generous and has blessed our part of Washington state with snow! I went to go play in it for a short time today, but then I had to get to work on this strip. I tried to make it a bit more funnier for you guys by having Gwen do what she does best, ignore the idiots even if they are smart ones. I also have been updating the web-site though it has been mostly "add a link, change a link, delete this link," ect... I also took some more personality tests and those you can see in my journal. For those of you too lazy to go to the link located in my bio here it is for you, Click here.

December 25th 2003 - Merry Christmas, sorry the filler isn't that good but I was pressing for time O^^; Hope you like it anyway. By the way, I have nothing against God in any way, so don't think that this is a hate filler for God because it isn't. It is just my lame attempt at trying to make you smirk, smile or laugh. Happy Holidays! P.S. I might not do a comic for this Sunday since I did this filler and I gave it to you early, so don't be surprised if you don't see a new comic.

Dec 22nd 2003 - Once again, I have been able to keep up with my schedule, hopefully I can keep it up throughout the year O^^; Boy am I in such a good mood from my be-lated birthday party, everything went well. As a result of this good mood this means funny filler for my readers, can I get a "YAY". O^^ Anyways, I want to appologize for the big bad font, I was really basically testing the size out and found it to a gigantic experience *gets smacked for bad pun*. Hopefully, this update, I have remedied the problem; if not I will go back to the drawing board *Is smacked harder into a wall for second bad pun in one update*. O^^; Hope you guys enjoy this strip, I tried to put some of Gwen's more dry humor into it *see's hand being raised to hit her* HEY NOW! That wasn't a pun! *hand shrinks back into the shadows and Stephanie nods in triumph* Ye-ah, that's what I thought. Anyways, enjoy 57|21|> 4 O^_^. Yes, I do know....|_337. Don't worry I understand j00. *Is smacked for references to other web-comics* HEY!

Dec 18th 2003 - Today is my birthday so I am kind of giving you a gift in a way to see Kaiser and Gwen together in one picture, plus you get to see a little bit more of what is really under Gwen's cloak, BAD PERVS! I was not happy how Gwen turned out in the picture, but neither am I when I draw her in the comic. I guess things just look worse for me on a smaller scale, but with practice I should get better. Anyways, I hope you guys have a good day O^_^.

Dec 14,2003 - Well, once again I have managed to update on time, yay! If you read my bio you noticed it is the week of my birthday. I am going to try and make a special drawing for my birthday just for you guys O^_^. I am currently working on the characters page and adding Kaiser's bio. I could not put Gwen's bio up first because I need a new drawing of her as her web-comic self. Right now, I don't know how my birthday party is going to go considering, not sure yet, but, we believe, my boyfriend may have been kicked out of his house. If you wish to know more go to my bio and click on the liveJournal link. I'll keep you guys informed if anything else comes up. Oh, if you haven't figured it out yet, we update every sunday since I do not have the time to do a comic every day on account of school. Well, that's it for today! O^^

12/07/03 - YAY, our second strip is now up! It may not be great but not all great web-comics are totally good to begin with. I am currently working on the bio page. It is almost done but I forgot to add a couple things so I have to go back and add those in before it is put up.

12/02/03 - Thanks to the help of my good friend Ben Drew, G.E.M. finally is up and running and has a nice layout. I may change it later but for now I like it. I'll try and get the other pages up and running as soon as possible.